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First, many thanks to the mods at [community profile] startrekbigbang for all their amazing work.

[personal profile] starsandgraces sent me the mix for this story about a month ago and I've been listening to it nonstop since then. Never, when I signed up for this, did I think that an actual song would be written. I'm honored and humbled, and when I think of the opening sequence of That Which Remains I'll always have Ano's theme in my head. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[personal profile] affectingly, omg, thank you for making me a part of your process, and having such fantastic and fun ideas that suited the story so well.

So many thanks to [personal profile] ali_wildgoose, who brainstormed the idea with me and was a fantastic beta all around, including providing key technical assistance from her other life as a filmmaker. [profile] kitsune13 and [profile] lillijulianne were other sets of eyes on the story as a whole, and [profile] rawles and [profile] kittyjimjams helped with early chapters.

Thanks to everyone at [community profile] jim_and_bones for the massive, massive encouragement, especially the word wars and just the general chatter, and reassuring me that yes, people do still read stories with happy endings. I'd gush more about the place, but really you should just join and find out for yourself.

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the_water_clock: the founders of united artists (enterprise productions)
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the_water_clock: the founders of united artists (enterprise productions)
Author: Clio
Title: Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy, also Spock/Uhura, Chekov/Sulu, Scotty/Gaila, Chapel/Rand
Rating: NC-17
Summary: From Variety, June 2008:
Pavel Chekov ("Charlie X") and Gaila ("Bread and Circuses") have joined the cast of small budget drama "That Which Survives," funded by Fleet's indie arm Academy and supervised by Nyota Uhura.
The debut feature from longtime script doctor Leonard McCoy, former show runner on sitcom "Three to Tango," centers on a college student coping with his father's terminal cancer. Chekov plays the son, Gaila the nurse. The father is yet to be cast.
Also attached are director James T. Kirk and producer Spock, the team behind the blockbuster spy-girl franchise starring Carol Marcus, the latest of which, "A Taste of Armageddon," opened last month.
(A modern-day Hollywood AU.)
Length: 60,000 words
Notes: Written for [ profile] startrekbigbang. Beta'd by [ profile] ali_wildgoose, [ profile] lillijulianne, and [ profile] kitsune13, with help from [ profile] rawles and [profile] kittyjimjams. All other notes and acknowledgments in the notes post.

Art by [ profile] affectingly

Mix by [ profile] starsandgraces

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