Apr. 2nd, 2013

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Author: Clio
Title: Distracting
Pairing: Scott McCall/Allison Argent
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Allison likes a little danger. (Or, why Scott and Allison were in such a rush to leave pack meeting.)
Warning: (skip) Allison and Scott are playing with the idea of Scott being a dangerous creature and Allison ceding control to him, but it's just play—their encounter was fully planned out ahead of time, as becomes clear at the end. That said, Scott is fully wolfed out and playing it up while they're having sex.
Length: 1000 words
Notes: Written for the "consent play" square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card, and suggested by Scott and Allison giggling about bestiality to Stiles. (See notes for more.) Companion fic to Distracted (Stiles/Derek) and Distractions (Lydia/Erica). Thanks so much to [personal profile] verity for the awesome beta!

These encounters were too special to tell everyone about )
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