Jan. 31st, 2013

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Author: Clio
Title: The Mating Rituals of Alphas
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sure, Derek was born an alpha but he's never been good at all that dominant behavior that's expected of him, and even though the adults around him tell him to be himself, he worries that he'll never claim an omega if he doesn't get it together. But his omega actually already claimed him, years ago.
Warning: (skip) Omegaverse. Mentions of past and future mpreg.

Length: 10,000 words
Notes: More omegaverse! If you want the world building, please see The Migratory Patterns of Omegas (Lydia/Erica) but basically mating season is in the spring of junior year of high school, and most alphas and omegas claim then. There isn't any actual mpreg in this story, but there are mentions of past mpreg (the sheriff and Derek's dad) and future mpreg (Laura's mate and Stiles).
Thank you SO MUCH to [personal profile] verity for her endless and untiring support and her lovely beta job, and for holding my hand through writing this particular trope. Also huge thanks to [personal profile] affectingly and [personal profile] radioaches for their enthusiasm and everyone who held my hand through the writing of this story.

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