Aug. 28th, 2012

the_water_clock: abstract painting (Untitled 1953)
Author: Clio
Title: Invitations
Pairing: Avengers: Natasha Romanov / Pepper Potts
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Someone is stealing Stark Tech and using it to fight the Avengers, which offends Pepper on every level. So when Phil asks her to team up with Natasha to root out the traitor she's more than happy to—even if it means reopening some old and not-so-old wounds.
Length: 8700 words
Notes: Man, this was absolutely my very very first choice of art and I'm so excited to have it and all of Rachel's suggestions; Natasha and Pepper working together was her idea and I hope I've done it and her art proud. You can see it here on AO3; it's not quite safe for work, I'd say.
Thanks to my cheerleaders and first-readers [personal profile] amyamy, [personal profile] verity and [personal profile] stevie, who made the work of my super amazing beta [personal profile] ali_wildgoose much easier. Also thanks to the lovely organizers of the [profile] avengers_rbb!

Pepper, your presence is requested. )
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