12:00 am

FIC: Shut Your Eyes and Think of Somewhere (Ginny/Draco, PG)

04:23 pm

FIC: Horchata (Kirk/McCoy, PG)

05:18 pm

FIC: Out of Character (Star Trek: Chekov/Sulu, NC-17)

10:20 pm

FIC: Cooler Than Being Cool (Parvati/Pansy, NC-17)

12:59 am

FIC: If I'm to Be Your Camera, Who Will Be Your Face? (Kirk/McCoy, PG)

01:00 am

FIC: Lucy (Kirk/McCoy, PG)

01:01 am

FIC: The Pajama Game (Kirk/McCoy, PG-13)

01:02 am

FIC: The Secret Life of Couches (Chris/Karl, PG-13)

01:02 am

FIC: Breakthrough (Kirk/McCoy, PG)

01:03 am

FIC: Shake It Loose and Let It Fall (Chapel/Rand, PG)

01:04 am

FIC: Lips Like Sugar (Steve/Danny, G)

01:05 am

FIC: In Preparation for Arrival (Percy/Oliver, PG)

01:05 am

FIC: Introducing Katie and Jules (Seamus/Dean, PG)

01:06 am

FIC: How to Be a Domestic God(dess) (Harry/Hermione, PG-13)

01:07 am

FIC: Party Goin' On Over Here (Draco/Ginny, G)

01:07 am

FIC: They Say You Think I'm Fine (Ron/Padma, PG)

01:08 am

FIC: Padfoot and Moony Sing Songs of Love (Remus/Sirius, PG)

01:08 am

FIC: One Warm Spark (Parvati/Pansy, PG)

01:09 am

FIC: We'll Make It Up As We Go Along (Carly/Amanda, PG)

01:10 am

FIC: A Few Kisses Ago (Anwar/Kimberley, PG-13)

01:10 am

FIC: Code Breaking (Chris/Blake, NC-17)

01:11 am

FIC: That Certain Feeling (Kat/Elliott, NC-17)

01:12 am

FIC: Twist and Turn 'til You've Got It Right (Kris/Adam, PG-13)

01:12 am

FIC: Ninety-nine (Ryan/Simon, G)


01:13 am

FIC: All of the Doubts and Certainties (Duckie/Cameron, PG)

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